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Marketing Strategy Sessions


You will find out:

  • What  your clients want and why they will buy from you.
  • What to communicate to them and how.
  • The most effective marketing strategies for your business.
  • What to prioritise.
  • The key key questions you should ask of any specialist who is supporting you in your marketing.

You will have:

  • A clear plan of action in marketing your business.
  • A firm foundation from which to launch a new product or service.
  • A confident sense of where to spend your time and money.

Why you need a marketing strategy and plan:

  • To effectively reach your clients and customers and grow your business.
  • To effectively launch a new product or service.
  • To make informed decisions how much time and money you will spend on specific aspects of your marketing.

Are you already making these kinds of decisions without a clear strategy in place?

  • How to construct or change your website.
  • How to use social media.
  • How to produce new or revise existing publicity materials.
  • Whether to buy advertising and what kind of advertising to buy.
  • Whether to invest in PR or promotional events for you business.
  • Whether and how to use video marketing.
  • How to spend your marketing budget.
  • Which networks to join.
  • Which type of events to attend or run.
  • How to develop your online presence.
  • How you will present yourself and your business to potential clients.

It’s time to be more focused on what will work for you.

What we will work on:

  • Your marketing goals and targets for the next 12 months.
  • Your ideal client profile/s.
  • Your positioning statement – which communicates the value of your product or service.
  • Your brand values.
  • Your online and offline marketing strategies.
  • Your marketing plan.

What you get:

  • Either four hours advice and support by phone or Skype.
  • Or one in person session in central London or your business premises (2.5 hours).
  • Support in preparing for our sessions.
  • Follow-up advice and information.
  • Accountability, support and challenge

How it works:

We arrange dates and time to speak or meet based on your schedule.

For phone or Skype sessions, we agree the length and frequency of our sessions.

For one to one meetings we will meet in central London at a convenient location or your business premises.  The half-day sessions lasts 2.5 hours.


4 Phone/Skype sessions  (4 hours in total)  £500 for all 4 hours  (this is around £811 USD)

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In person sessions -  2  1/2 hour session –   £500

Pay now to secure your sessions:

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