I’m Sonia Thomas and I’m a Marketing Coach specialising in working with women entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business.

Does this sound like you?


You’re up and running with your your business, but still finding marketing a challenge.


You want things to move a lot faster but are not quite sure where to invest your time and money to make the most impact.


You’re feeling overwhelmed by everything you feel you need to do to market your business.

plus You’ve invested in training and resources – but are not getting the answers you need.
plus You need a strategy and a clear plan that you can follow so you can plan ahead.

You’re only hearing about online marketing and want the bigger picture for your business.

If so, it’s time to take a fresh look at your marketing

I started my business in 2005 with a strong online presence.  This enabled me to grow a successful international business and work with women from all over the world.

Over the last seven years I have provided thousands of women internationally with advice, information and support.

I would also be delighted to support you in giving you exactly the information and advice you need.

Before I went into business, I was a senior strategic leader in Education, and worked at board level.  Later I went on to take on very senior strategic leadership roles working across a number of different educational organisations to bring about change and improvement – at one time over 75 different institutions in the UK.

I bring this creative thinking and ambition to the work I do with every one of my clients.

I started my career as a teacher and I am still very passionate about the power of education in personal, social and economic transformation.

My specialisms include English and Communication – as I have both a BA Hons and a Masters in English.

Before taking on very senior roles, I also taught Business Planning and Business Communication at Professional/University level in public sector colleges in the UK.

How we can work together

I’m here for focused support on how to make it all work for you. I can cut through the mysteries of which marketing strategies will really work for you.

I can work with you in person in one-to-one sessions if you are based in London or via Skype or ‘phone if you are anywhere else in the world.

We will start by identifying the exact marketing strategies for you and putting together a marketing plan for your business.

We will discuss any other support you need and put together a package customised to your needs.

You can find out more about the Marketing Strategy Sessions by clicking here.

You’ll feel more confident and empowered to effectively communicate just why people should value and be willing to pay for what you do.  And most importantly, you will be able to implement strategies which are always a precise fit for you individual needs.

Your marketing should be like a beautiful set of clothes – tailor made to fit to you and your business exactly.  It should show off your best assets and powerfully communicate who you are. I’ll help you to create that beautiful set of clothes and you will leave our sessions with exciting, practical ideas that you can put into practice straight away to move forward in your business.

Contact me today to book a free 30 minute consultation and see how we can work together to confidently move your business forward!