You may be reading a lot about the benefits of producing and selling information products online.  May be you are thinking about selling an online course, an Ebook, a report or even an app.  The benefits are obvious -  information products are downloaded online and so have no shipping costs, helping you to keep more of your profits.  You produce something once which you have the potential to sell many times over,  generating money for many years to come.  Selling online also means you can reach clients or customers across the world, 24 hours a day.

For businesses owners who provide a service, information products provide a way to create an income that is not based on the amount of time you spend with a client, and automate these sales so you sales can run virtually on auto-pilot.

Another huge benefit of information products is that they demonstrate your style, approach, skills, knowledge and expertise to clients or customers, and can provide people with easy access to your expertise that can help sell your other products or services.

On top of this, there are now many services online that are solely designed to help you produce, promote, advertise and publish your information product – from well-known ebook publishing platforms to online course publishing platforms – and all are user friendly and either free to use or competitively priced.  So you don’t need to be a technical genius or invest a huge amount of money to get started with your first information product.

There are some challenges, however, deciding on the right type of product for your business and marketing your product so you get it in front of enough of the right kind of people so you  make some significant sales.

Sound interesting?  In my next article, I’ll be talking about what kinds of information products you can produce.