Why you should market your business through email

Email marketing is still the most powerful way of connecting with potential and existing clients and customers and making sales.

In fact, recent research by iContact revealed that:

• there are 3 times as many email accounts as all accounts of Facebook and Twitter combined

• consumers who receive email marketing spend 83% more when shopping

Here are some tips for using email effectively to market your business:

• ensure people opt in to your email list – for a higher level of engagement and a higher level of interest in what you offer, accurate email addresses, and a higher conversion to sales rate

• ensure your emails offer valuable information, resources and genuine, high value, offers to your subscribers

• target specific messages to those who are interested – use a professional email system so you get information on opens, click and opt in rates, and can segment your list to send to only selected groups

• include images in your email messages to avoid overwhelming people with written information.   Hubspot‘s recent research found that 65% of people prefer emails which are “mainly visual”.

• personalise your messages – again, Hubspot’s research found that including your subscriber’s first name in your messages led to an increase in click rate by over 2%, and that including your name or your company name prominently led to an increase in click rate by over 8%

• 88 % of people now read their emails on a mobile device -  so check that your email is compatible with different devices (another good reason to use a professional email service)

• take time to craft an accurate and compelling email subject line – people are great at filtering out unwanted information – so, tell them what they will get by opening your email


Your email messages are a powerful way to connect with your potential and current clients and customers and is a way of developing a relationship of trust.

If you build your reputation for delivering value through your email messages and make your messages specific and relevant to your subscribers – more people will read your emails, take action and you will make more sales.

By Sonia Thomas