Brand Building Basics

Why develop a brand?

Brands give potential clients a firm idea of what they’re buying before they buy it, making the decision easier. Existing clients trust strong brands because they know what to expect.

Aren’t they just for big companies?

Think about your brand as a way of communicating your focus and values to your clients, and as a way of making you business stand out from the crowd, particularly in a competitive market.

First steps – creating a brand

Successful branding is about promoting your strengths (your brand values). Start by thinking about what you’re good at , what you believe in as a business owner and professional, and what you guarantee to deliver.

For example:

  • what are your specific skills – what can you do better than most people you know?
  • what is your experience in your sector or industry – what makes you an expert?
  • what  individual or innovative approach do you bring to your business?
  • your values or mission – what do you want to achieve and what is important to you?

Now,  what do your clients want?

  • Do your brand values match your clients’ needs?
  • What drives your clients? What makes them engage you? In most cases, it’s not only about price.
  • Ask existing clients what they like about working with you.
  • Ask potential clients what they are looking for.

If your brand values are in line with what existing and potential clients are looking for, you’ve got the beginnings of a useful brand and you’re ready to start building it.

But if they’re not, you will need to look at the benefits you offer to your clients and whether you are targeting the right people!


By Sonia Thomas