Fresh Ideas for your Newsletter or Blog

You already know how important it is to make a connection and keep in contact with potential clients.  You may have even set up a your website, blog or newsletter.  But the pressures of coming up with new content may leave you stuck for ideas…

So, how do you produce great, fresh content time after time?

Here are a three ideas on how to sharpen up your writing and really engage your readers – which will work for blogs, newsletter, ezines or even your website.

1 hold the front page!

Hot news topics can illustrate real issues affecting your clients,  from a very different perspective.   A quotation, a couple of sentences of summary, and some questions on a news item, can quickly engage your readers and trigger some questions for them.

For instance – the current financial struggles people are facing can encourage us to consider what’s really important to us – and what we choose to focus our time and money on.  What investments in your services are worth making and what value do they bring to your clients?

What current news topics speak to you and why might they be of interest to your readers?

2  me, me, me …

What have you personally experienced or learntthat you would like to share?    What did you get from this experience, what does it say about you, and what you bring to your business and how  could your clients benefit from your experience and knowledge?

3 Let’s talk!

Interview someone who has benefit from your services  – they could share the key factors they looked for and the benefit they gained from being your client.

So if you are stuck for ideas for content, now you have a place to start.   All you have to do now is get writing!

By Sonia Thomas